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Persuading Chris to join our team was one of my best decisions. A true and committed professional in all aspects of media, with a huge range of knowledge and connections, Chris has improved our media presence immeasurably, in a friendly, wise and effective way. I commend him unreservedly to anyone lucky enough to persuade him to help.
Chris Cordani of Argon Productions is a Media Mercenary Extraordinaire. He has created my podcast in a turn-key operation and handles my video/audio production and distribution as well as anchor hosting. Chris is very talented and a delight to work with. Budget friendly and flexible. Highly recommend.
Frank VulpiFrank VulpiSales Manager & Media Strategist, AM 970 The Answer/AM 570 The Mission, New York, NY
Chris produced programs which aired on our stations; he is a true professional who cares about the way a program sounds, flows and is presented. His post-production skills make people who are not really career broadcasters sound like seasoned presenters. In addition, Chris’s abilities are multi-faceted: he has brought in high-tier guests to programs, efficiently produced/packaged the shows which broadcast on our stations for his clients, has always taken care of anything we asked of him and is a pleasant person to work with.
Jamie DeNovoJamie DeNovoCBT program pioneer, Best-selling author, I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind, Success Strategies w/Jack Canfield
I had no idea where to start or how. Chris took my pain away. He has provided front to back expertise from creating a strategic roll out plan to production, podcast, digital marketing, promotions and social media. I have been working with Chris and Argon Productions for several years now. Chris is an absolute delight to work with and a genuinely nice person. When it comes to the technicalities involved in bringing my work to the world, Argon is my go-to. Oh yes, Chris is also unfailingly patient. A must for any creative mind lost in the world of IT.
Logan Sky and I have enjoyed of being interviewed by Chris Cordani on many occasions for Revenge of The 80's Radio. On every occasion Chris has been extremely professional, effortlessly creating a fun atmosphere in which to work while ensuring the recording is completed smoothly. He has a perfect voice for radio, is adept at witty ad-libs and his passion for pop music brings real dynamism to his radio show. We invited Chris to contribute a voice-over for inclusion on our recent album 'The Electric Eye'. We gave him a script and briefed him as to our requirements. He fulfilled our brief flawlessly, providing a recording that totally embodies the atmosphere of the music and brings a unique American smoothness to our synth soundscapes.
Adriana KaegiAdriana KaegiAddy Media
“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris twice for two different Radio Shows he hosted and I was very impressed with his voice, wit, and the fact he did his homework giving the listeners up to date information that was not only entertaining but also useful, I highly recommend Chris to any Network, Sponsor for VIP guest.”