Media Consulting and Training

In an age where there are varied media and an increasing number of outlets, Argon Productions founder Chris Cordani is available to consult with you or members of your company to improve your media presence, use and performance to optimize your ROI both financially and timewise.

Chris is available to consult worldwide via video conference or phone and in person throughout the NY-Metro/North New Jersey/Hudson Valley (NY).

Contact Argon Productions: and +1 (917) 580-1415

Media Strategy

In addition to a long career in broadcasting, Chris has designed and implemented traditional and new media plans for top public policy experts, businesspeople and 80s-era musicians, booking them and other influencers on major influential traditional, broadcast and new media outlets. Projects have ranged from national issue advocacy to niche music festival promotion.

Let his experience will for with you to develop a plan involving earned, paid and social media.

Media Performance Training

With over two decades in the radio industry both in front of the microphone and behind the glass, primarily focused in talk radio and news, Chris has coached talent ranging from top market radio talent to business experts seeking broadcast placement to novice speakers in varied fields.

Whether you want to improve your image, pitch programs as an interview expert, need to speak to the news media or improve your presence as a presenter, Chris offers an initial discussion at no charge and no obligation to you to assess your needs and will design a plan to improve your presence on radio, television, podcasts and at live speaking engagements.

Podcast/Broadcast Consulting

Are you looking to begin or enhance your radio show or podcast? Chris will guide you with:

Content creation: Reach into Chris’ head as a longtime radio producer to learn to create and present quality content as well as properly prep for a podcast/broadcast.

Designing a clock: A good show needs organization and a solid clock to keep the show moving and create sponsorship avails. Chris will help you construct and time your program.

Imaging: Production elements and music set the tone for your program.

Connecting with experts/guest talent: More then two decades of experience as a producer comes with an array of resources for potential program guests. Learn how to make and develop connections to enhance your program. Argon Productions also offers guest booking services.

Promotion and Distribution: Chris will work with you on ways to promote your podcast through social networks and earned media.

Monetizing the show: How to find ways to make money from your podcasts via traditional and non-traditional means.

Setup: Do you have an idea for a podcast but are starting from scratch? Chris will work with you on all your initial setup needs and a plan to launch your show.

Argon Procutoins also offers production and talent connection services.

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