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Bring your talents, message or business to more people who want to be your future clients. Now is a perfect time to create your own podcast. Build your business while you reach out to an expanded array of individuals, businesses and organizations who want to invest in your services or products.

More entrepreneurs, organizations and thought leaders are reaching out and creating new business and strategic relationships through podcasting and a solid digital/social media strategy.

What Argon Productions can do for your podcast or radio broadcast:

Post Production

Post production of your audio podcast episodes and taped broadcast programs can take a good chunk of time from your busy schedule and at times quite frustrating. If does not have to be that way.

You put in a lot of work to create your content and you want the finished project to reflect it. Outsource your audio production to Argon Productions, whose founder, Chris Cordani, is experienced with producing professional top-market radio programs spanning several genres. All you would need to do is record each episode and send us the unedited files.

What do we do for your audio?

    • We will add EQ with light compression (as needed)
    • For podcasts: we will set the perceived loudness level to the current industry standard for internet, mobile and podcast audio -16LUFS (stereo) and -19LUFS (mono).
    • We create and insert audio elements (theme, closing, in/out bumps)
    • Reduction of breaths and mic pops (cleaning up the audio)
    • Post-producing any extra takes, mistakes, etc (Note: we would work with you to set up a system of clear signal marks in the audio such as a tone, clap or 5-10 seconds of silence between takes) or written notes)
    • Noise removal where possible if your podcast is recorded in less than stellar conditions – perhaps during live events, rooms with background noise or some phone interviews.
    • ID3 tagging of your completed episode’s audio file
    • We will save the finished production in an audio format of your choice – usually MP3, 128 Kbps CBR, Stereo (Mono for talk programs), 44100 HzAllow 3-5 business days turnaround time for each episode; we can discuss expedited programs.

Video Editing

Do you need your video podcast or project edited? Argon Productions will transform your creative effort with a professional audio/video presentation.

Are you putting together a Youtube short, instructional video or documentary?  We provide you with titles, credits, music, production elements, video editing and audio enhancement.

Do you host a podcast featuring Zoom interviews and would like them spiced up? Argon Productions will provide you with an attractive background and titles package with a branding strategy for your programs.

We Can Also Help With Content

Are you looking to improve the sound of your show? Would you would like to add more expert interviews?

Building from a longtime career as a radio producer, Chris and Argon Productions have excellent resources to help you find guests who can enhance your program as well as inform and entertain your listeners.

Having coached talent for over 20 years, Chris is available to consult and work with you to raise your performance level and to bounce around content ideas.

About Consultations with Argon Productions Founder Chris Cordani


Setup & Distribution

Are you just starting out as a podcaster? Do you want to upgrade your studio? Would you like help setting up your social media and syndication plan? Argon Productions will help you set up your podcast and attack strategy, with equipment and packages which can fit any budget.

Do you need help getting your podcast out to your audience or your radio broadcast to your affiliate stations? Argon productions will help you build a syndication plan to send them out yourself or (if you send your program to several radio/internet broadcast sources) create a distribution hub for easy access to your show.

Growth With a Plan

We also know you want your podcast to both stand out and become a profitable endeavor. The Argon Productions system combines professional broadcast production, on-air and sales experience to plan and execute a successful podcast with a solid growth plan.

Whether you would like us to set up, produce, syndicate or provide a full podcast launch/development system including production elements, imaging, syndication services, web site setup, blog, Youtube and social media services.

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